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Uttaranchal University

To monitor standards of the higher educational institutions in India the UGC has established the NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) as an autonomous body, under Section XII (ccc) of its act in Sep’ 1994. NAAC has been instilling a momentum of quality consciousness amongst Higher Educational Institutions, aiming for continuous improvements. UGC in the XI Plan and XII plan made a policy decision that all Higher Educational Institutes (HEIs) shall establish an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) to maintain the momentum of quality consequences. The IQAC acts as a mentor for Planning, Guiding, Quality Assurance (QA), and Quality Enhancement (QE) activities of the institution. Since quality enhancement is a continuous process, the IQAC becomes a part of the institution’s system and works towards the realization of goals of quality enhancement and sustenance. The university is complying with the recommended guidelines of the NAAC.

IQAC Initiatives at UU

ERP Cell
ERP Cell
Conduct of FDPs
Bridge/Remedial classes
Internal Academic and Administrative Audits
Initiation to OBE
Initiation to OBE

University Quality Statement

To strive for worldwide excellence in all of our endeavours, including teaching-learning, research, consultancy, outreach, societal upliftment and remain accountable in our core and support functions through self-evaluation and continuous upgrading methodologies.

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Vice Chancellor

The Uttaranchal University has established the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in Nov' 2015. The IQAC, being an integral part of the university facilitates realization of the goals to vital enhancement of the educational quality.

It truly aids in the development of a system for catalytic, continuous, and conscious academic advancements in all aspects of functioning in the professional world. The Cell is responsible for ensuring that the quality assurance policies and procedures of the university are robust and effective in maintaining and monitoring the standards of its academic awards and in supporting the enhancement of teaching learning and research experiences in the university.

The IQAC ensures that stakeholders and society as a whole exchange mutual perspectives for the accountability and transparency in the quality management system of the institution. The cell responsible for implementing quality initiatives and delegating numerous activities of the university in order to meet requirements in higher university education.

A constant check on infrastructural resources is made to ensure adequate, appropriate, and improved professional facilities to ensure an encouraging and enabling environment for teaching learning, and associated academic research activities.

The IQAC is a step towards excellence. The IQAC is one of the main components that ensures long term quality and continuous upgradation in all elements of the university through these approaches. I believe that this cell will be a value addition to the university resources and will play a key role in the noteworthy growth of the university. I look forward to the valuable support and cooperation in this new journey of IQAC. With the strategic plan developed by IQAC, UU can become a pioneer in higher education in the country.

With best wishes to stakeholders of the University!

Prof. Dharam Buddhi

Vice Chancellor (Chair IQAC)

Being a part of higher education system in a developing nation, we owe a greater responsibility that commits to bringing educational advantages to society and nations at large in pursuit of the excellence demanded in higher education.

NAAC/UGC has established the concept of setting an Internal Quality Assessment Cell (IQAC) in the institute to build a sustainable quality bench mark for various academic and administrative activities in the Institute.

When we understand our strengths, it is also essential to understand and analyse our weaknesses which can put us at a disadvantage. We also become aware of opportunities that can be used to our advantage and factors that can threaten our ability to achieve our objectives. IQAC helps to achieve the university goals by constantly evaluating the performance, accrediting the quality of education and upgrading the benchmark to raise the standard of education.

We are committed to creating a learning environment with excellent infrastructure, information dissemination through advanced technologies, and a carefully designed curriculum delivered by research-oriented faculty members.

We work towards instilling a student-centric approach and moulding students to be lifelong learners and innovators.

Er. Rajesh Deorari

Director, IQAC
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